Physical And Other Security Measures

We understand being confidential, our first and foremost commitment!

iCreative Technologies is highly concerned about client relationships and understand their clients business concerns first. Being in a leading place of information and technology industry, we are keeping confidential factor at the top for our projects and do follow non-disclosure agreements.

Nothing is about to worry when working with the companies like iCreative Technologies where project confidentiality matters the most and a company drives the excellence at being secure about the clients' data.

iCreative Technologies team follows the Non-Disclosure Agreement and we encapsulate the following core points:

  • Client-side Project specific requirement
  • Relevant touch points to whom the information shall be disclosed
  • Safe sides of Data along with the risk factors involved
  • Objectives for information collected
  • Factors where data/information shall be used
  • Strict denial of sharing the data to all the relevant touch points
  • The document is signed by developers/ whomsoever working on the project to not disclose any information

The company follows many relevant things that are legally bound to not be shared with anyone and keeping secrecy about the project except the specific project team.

Being in touch with the professional IT company is indeed important to your business. Inclining with the wrong technical partners can impact worse in the business and in future aspects of a business. iCreative Technologies is following the strong nature of not being unprofessional at any stage of the project development phase. The company is signified as the most leading and ethical in terms of maintaining the client relationships.



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