Mobile Apps Management

Though mobile apps have massive potential, but to fully utilize their potential mobile apps management is of paramount importance.

Mobile Apps Management (MAM) is a process utilizing which business applications can be centrally controlled to boost employee productivity and business processes. It also assists in streamlining the various business processes and office management.

MAM is also elemental in restricting or limiting the access to various apps. MAM accomplished two objectives which are central to every enterprise’s working – flexibility in selection of devices for their employees and data protection.

Why Mobile App Management?

With the rapid rise in use of apps in daily as well as business use, the need for central control and to streamline the processes has also increased. Whereas, most of the desktop app management tools that have been used till now have proved to be insufficient in achieving the satisfactory results, MAM has proved it’s suitability, making it mandatory for mobility centred enterprises. The rapid change in operating systems along with the presence of multiple platforms has only made MAM’s case stronger.

Our services

We provide robust and more secure MAM services which ensures control over updates and removal of mobile apps through existing or newly built channels. Besides, using our MAM services you can also monitor app functioning & its performance, along with monitoring data on managed apps. Our services include

  • Configuration management
  • User authentication
  • Crash log reporting
  • Application version management
  • Push notifications and services management
  • User controlled access



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