Organizational Structure Of iCreative Technologies

For successful project execution, we at iCreative Technologies follow matrix organization structure. This structure helps us in better resource co-ordination and to serve our huge client base in best possible way.

The other benefits of the matrix organization structure are:

  • Improves information flow and enhances communication
  • Helps in better project integration across different functional lines
  • Gives immense flexibility in switching work across different functional lines
  • Helps in striking a better balance between cost, time and performance
  • Also ensures that both technical qualities and prompt services could be achieved simultaneously
  • Help in developing better co-ordination within the development team
  • Minimizes the conflicts during the project development

The benefits of the Matrix Organization structure

Matrix Organization makes it easier to handle the multiple projects and also enhances efficiency of the organization working with multiple clients simultaneously. Matrix Organization also helps in serving clients better and delivering quality services within time constraints. The other benefits that clients reap from the Matrix Organization are listed below:

  • Synchronized and structured communication which that ensures better and faster response
  • Best resource allocation for individual projects
  • Improvement in efficiency and output
  • Better time management, which ensures timely delivery of projects
  • Quality output

iCreative Technologies Matrix Structure

Since, NASA introduced and implemented Matrix organizational structure in 1960s, it has become one of the most preferred structures for project driven firms. The world renowned brands such as Procter & Gamble, IBM, Nokia, Cisco, and Schlumberger, have adopted Matrix organizational structure to improve their efficiency.

We have also adopted the matrix framework to boost our output and to keep our clients satisfied by delivering high quality services within the reasonable time period. The workflow which has been followed in our company is as follow:

  • Our devoted sales team finalizes project with clients and hands it over to the PMO head
    PMO head checks the availability of Project Managers and hands over the project based on suitability
  • PMs handle the project and are completely responsible for the completion of the project
  • PMs also documents the resources necessary for the project and forwards documentation to the RMO responsible for the allocation of resources
  • As soon as the resources are allocated, the project is initiated under the dual guidance of PM as well as TL

From the start to the completion of the project, the PM as well as TL are kept updated about the progress by a daily reporting from the development team. On the completion of the project, the resources are re-allocated to other tasks.



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