Project Execution

Over the past couple of years, iCreative Technologies has established itself as one of the most reliable brands in the field of mobile and web software development.

With a massive experience of developing software and delving into the diverse range of IT industry, iCreative Technologies have developed a niche for scrutinizing the project execution phases.

iCreative Technologies proudly owns the talented team of developers for shaping any idea into quick deliverables of software.

We love being intangible, do you?

We are interested in developing a pattern that gets converted into a practice of quality production hours. And for that, we are much into the exploring best project management skills and adding great managerial touch points.

Project management phases we follow:

Project Kick-Off meeting:

Our developers and technical leads prefer to understand project requirements in person. Once we get the confirmation of a complete project requirement, we get started moving forward with the primary design goals. Our basic concern is to understand and have transparency for being on the same page with our technical partners as well as the direct customers.

Also, we discuss the platform feasibility that which of the technologies can be useful for a particular project scope and organization needs.

Design Phase & System Architecture:

We understand the quick execution. And we do understand project priorities. To stay seamless and approaching a prompt attitude, we have developed great design phase strategies and according to that, we push the project into the development phase.

The design phase is consisting of the client's inputs on how the final look of the product would be? Whether it is a website or a software, it will need a complete flow/sitemap on how the things will go?

The design team hence, get interacted with the clients and convey the design of the final product. Also, takes valuable feedback as well as the approval from the client's side to give initiation signal to the development phase.

Development phase & Coding Standard:

We strictly follow the coding standards as per the relevant technologies and platforms keeping the future requirements in consideration. Our development squad gets set to acquire the basic functional requirement of any project as well as setting up the data variables.

Interacting with the design team is more of a developers’ prior task and getting the quick start to a development phase. Our project consultants suggest the best in industry coding standards as per the project scope and on the technologies, it's being built up.

Unit Testing & Code Revision:

Unit Testing is another important factor to a better outcome. Especially in the companies where projects are quite big and need to be implemented and polished module wise. Unit testing leaves no error and no lagging behind the predefined working functionalities. And that’s what needed for the successful software development company.

The code revision is centrally controlled by the technical leaders and coordinators to ensure the safe ecosystem for our customers and technical partners. We keep the backup confidential as our responsibility to protect our deliverables.

The Happy Moment: Deployment

For any of our development phase in mobile, web or software, our important and core attention goes to the deployment phase. Because this is what we strive for. Deployment goes under rectifying the issues if any even after the final quality and assurance phase. Giving clients a final demonstration of the built up project and fetching happy moments and cherishing success.

Giving a pat to the developers who used to be in the top during the project completion and taking clients side approval & of course, “a wow factor”



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