Quality Assurance Process

Quality assurance/testing is one of the most vital and integral components of software development. The testing process helps in identifying any hidden error that could be present in the application.

The testing process involves using various vigorous procedures to identify errors and solving them without disturbing the time and cost of the project.

Here at iCreative Technologies, we have a skilled and highly competent team of professionals who are experienced in deploying the advanced methods. Using their sound knowledge of the software programming and expertise earned with long experience, they perform rigorous testing of the application across different devices, carriers and languages.

How it works?

iCreative Technologies follows the quality assurance/testing procedure in an organized and standardized manner to get the best results.


After reviewing the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) and consulting the project development team, our QA team develops the test cases and scenarios are developed.

Test Execution

The testing team after verifying the test cases, using the variety of proven software testing techniques start the execution of tests.

Reporting Bugs

The bugs and glitches found by the testing team are reported using screenshots and other graphical tools to the developers.

Fixing Bugs

On receiving the bug detection report from the QA team, our developers technically fix them and once again conduct tests to find any residual anomaly. Then, the application is once again verified by the QA team.

Types of Testing We Conduct

User Interface Test

The user interface test helps in verifying the efficiency and competence of the application. It checks whether the end user can effectively interact with the application and the extent to which the interface is guiding the user in the usage of the application. The other positives of user interface test are:

  • Make sure that the application fulfills the client requirements and the pre-determined visual needs
  • Find errors specifically related to interfaces working mechanism
  • Check whether the interface is design friendly and easy to access

Navigation Test

The navigation test is carried on the application to certify that the navigation semantics and syntax are applied appropriately. Besides, checking compliance of application with the navigation standards of the device, we also ensure the navigation of the application is compatible with the hardware of the device.

Usability Test

The product’s ability to meet its original objectives and requirements is evaluated by testing it on end users. This test ensures that any problem or issue in utilizing the application could be found out and ratified.

Here at iCreative Technologies we use widely used User Acceptance Test (UAT), in which, the application is actually tested by the end user. We share our testing guidelines using formal channels which helps with better understanding and easy information sharing.

Network Test

Network Test ensures that the application works smoothly on the various networks such as Wi Fi and 3G. This test helps in establishing the flexibility and performance of your application under these networks.



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